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The Wolf and the Cougar Ch 17 :iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 1 1
Mature content
The Wolf and the Cougar Ch 16 :iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 0 0
Mature content
PETA :iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 7 9
The Wolf and the Cougar - Ch15
I stood behind the bar, cleaning a glass as I watched. The subject of my observation sat at the end of the bar of the Midnight Craving nightclub (though we're often known as Midnight for short), sipping solemnly on an almost empty glass of alcohol. He sat alone, simply staring at the mirrored back wall. I watched him silently; his round face lit from below by the soft pink-purple lights embedded under the bar's glass top and from the top by the acid green lights that made the various bottles displayed along the back mirrored wall, glow. As I stood there behind the bar, I continued to watch as I cleaned the spotless glass.
"Offer him a drink."
I jumped, startled out of my trance by the person talking to me. I turned my head to my right to see Nini leaning over the bar, watching me with a knowing smile. Her purple and black hair was half swept up in a bun, the rest falling over her shoulders. I was eternally jealous and in love with her amazing hair. It was always perfect in comparison t
:iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 2 0
Meeting the Devil of Your Hell
I closed my tired eyes, not looking forward to the confrontation that I knew was coming. I'd spent years trying to move on but to no avail. Maybe now I could find some peace, now that I was about to meet the man that had caused my life to be absolute hell for three long years. I'd never expected to survive the event that took my twin brother's life. I didn't think I'd ever survive the loss of my brother. But I was determined to prove to Hitler that, while he stole my brother from me, he would not take me down too.
It had been thirty long years since I walked out of Ravensbrück concentration camp, dragging my half dead brother along with me while half dead myself. Unfortunately, Nikolas died only three months later from the cocktails of disease that they had been injecting into us since they found out we were twins and thus open for genetic experimentation. I only survived because I was so stubborn. I tried to make Nikolas survive but he did not. And it still hurt to think about th
:iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 0 0
Bred to be a Bride :iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 17 25
Fall For You - Side Story-WnC
"Hey, Ebony?"
I looked up and the questioning tone to see Tom standing over me. I dropped the spoon that had been in my mouth back into the empty bowl that was breakfast on the table in front of me. "Yeah?"
With my attention turned to him, Tom looked away and began to fidget. I tilted my head a bit in question. He stuttered a bit as he tried to say, "Um, I was just, well uh, wondering if you… would like… to, um, like, go somewhere… with me… like, um, on a, uh, date?"
I smiled. The confident, cocky Tom was so cute when he was tripping over his words. As I thought of his question I realized that the band had the day off so why not? Sure, we had to get ready for the show in a couple days but who cares? The stage was still being constructed here in Seattl
:iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 1 3
The Wolf and the Cougar - Ch14
The explosions of light looked like a rainbow battlefield. A rather accurate description of how I was feeling, in my opinion. I felt so… happy. But I felt like I was playing with fire. The colors are pretty and entertaining and make me feel good but if I get too close or if I do something wrong then I could be burned. My firework, on the other hand, was currently in his hotel room next door. Or at least, that's what I thought.
"Hey," he whispered, slipping his arms around my waist, hugging my back against his chest.
I couldn't help but smile as butterflies exploded inside. I released a content sigh and sunk back into his embrace, feeling completely safe. I lay my arms over his, lacing our fingers together. Another bright green explosion went off as I said, "Hey. How'd you get in?"
"Key from the front desk," Tom replied. I could feel his smirk as he rested his chin on my shoulder.
"Hm, I should talk to them about that," I said jokingly. "After all, I don't need random fan girl of y
:iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 1 0
The Wolf and the Cougar - Ch13
"So what was that all about?" Bill asked, leaning over his brother towards me as soon as Jason was gone.
I shrugged and said, "School coming back to haunt me."
At Bill's elegantly raised eyebrow, Georg interjected, "Jason was an old boyfriend who didn't understand the meaning of the word no. I never really liked him but I trusted that if things went too far that Ebony would do some damage. As expected, I was right, he tried to go too far and my dear little sister here nearly sent his balls back into his ass. Personally, I think it was hilarious."
"Unfortunately," I said, jumping back in. "He never really got over the fact that we were done so he ignored it. He thinks we've had a long distance relationship for the last… let's see, I was fifteen at the time, I'll be t
:iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 2 7
Mature content
The Wolf and the Cougar - Ch12 :iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 4 11
Mature content
A Case Has No Face :iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 0 27
Mature content
The Wolf and the Cougar - Ch11 :iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 4 54
The Wolf and the Cougar - Ch10
Arriving back on the bus was amazing. I felt like I’d been hit with a ton of bricks as I thought back on that mind blowing kiss. I could still feel those soft lips against mine. The mere memory made me ache with longing. It was a feeling I was far from used to. And yet, it felt so right. The cheesiness of it all was actually rather sickening. Still, I couldn’t find it in me to care.
Bill gave me odd looks for a couple of hours that I pointedly ignored. Eventually I just hid in my bed in hopes of getting some time to myself. I pulled my knees up with my hands resting in my lap, cradling my phone. I sat and stared at that phone for who knows how long.
“Ebony!” I heard Bill call from somewhere on the bus. I ignored the foot steps that passed my hiding place. As soon as the coast was clear, I ducked out and headed for the front of the bus. Pleased to find myself alone, I flopped down on the couch and began to dig in my pockets. I came up victorious with my cell phone in
:iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 3 39
The Wolf and the Cougar - Ch 9
“Ebony seems to be the name on everybody’s lips nowadays, from Tokio Hotel fans to the parents who have to listen to them. Hi, I’m Linda Falstaff,” the woman said, pretending to look at her papers. She swiveled slightly in her chair to look at the man next to her.
“And I’m Ryan Stagpole,” he said. “Earlier today we got a tip from a member of Off Beat Magazine that Ebony has come forward and shown her face. Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of Tokio Hotel, requested that she be a part of the photo shoot for the magazine’s next issue. Apparently the photographer absolutely loved her. She then proceeded to give a statement in the interview that accompanied the shoot under the alias of being her own best friend.”
“Ebony also let on that the day before the issue is circulated, she’s going to appear on stage with the band at their concert. Say, Ryan, where is Tokio Hotel going to be playing?” Linda continued professionally.
A click ech
:iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 1 62
The Wolf and the Cougar - Ch 8
The next couple days were interesting for the band. It seemed that Tom and Gustav were hanging out with me on Cloud 9. Bill just fed off our energy, happy that we weren’t killing each other anymore. Georg was just laid back, not really hyped up like the rest of us but not bringing us down either.
Things were actually calm on the tour bus for the first time since we hopped on that first plane. It seemed things were going well for everyone. Gigi was bouncing off the walls waiting for the concert/s, so much so that her “brothers from hell” were leaving her alone. Apparently they were scared of her.
Even Gerard’s life was going good. He was always saying he was so excited to finally talk to me face to face. Needless to say I was flattered, but I was surprised to hear that Carol has been laying off. I nearly passed out when I heard that she was also interested in one of his friends. From what I’d heard she was a heartless bitch who hated everyone. Hey, who knew?
:iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 0 7
The Wolf and the Cougar - Ch 7
(Back to Ebony’s POV)
GermanGott says: hey will!
GermanGott says: how’re you?
ReapersMysteries says: SAVE A DRUM! BANG A DRUMMER!!! XD
GermanGott says: o.O
GermanGott says: I see you’re feeling better
GermanGott says: did I miss something?
ReapersMysteries says: ya but nah-save a drum.
ReapersMysteries says: I lost a bet-bang a drummer.
ReapersMysteries says: and my price is to do this at least five times to the next person I talk to- Save a drum, bang a drummer!!
ReapersMysteries says: and you’re that lucky person! Save a drum, band a drummer!
GermanGott says: and where did ur twisted friend get the idea???
ReapersMysteries says: I’m not rly sure- save a drum.
ReapersMysteries says: I think it’s from t shirt she saw- bang a drum!
ReapersMysteries says: plus she kinda is in love with drummers cause they hit it hard! XD SAVE A DRUM! BANG A DRUMMER!!!
GermanGott says: that was 6 times.
GermanGott says: o.O
ReapersMysteries says: lolz!
ReapersMysteries says:
:iconreapersmysteries:ReapersMysteries 2 0

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United States
Current Residence: Malsaras
Favourite genre of music: rock and alternitive
Favourite photographer: Me!
Operating System: Window's Vista (XP it sux so bad)
MP3 player of choice: Lime Green iPod Nano (my baby)
Skin of choice: human...?
Personal Quote: Lord, what fools these mortals be.
  • Listening to: Alejandro - Lady Gaga/iPod shuffle=aka RANDOM SHIT
  • Reading: A Question of Lust
  • Eating: Gold fishies
  • Drinking: Lemonade
- Available: Yeah (happy bout it? nooo!)
- Age: 16
- Annoyance: judgmental, hypocritical, biased assholes who think they're all that, and unbalance. -has become somewhat OCD. CDO. Hell, I'm more of an ODC kind of disorder :D-
- Animal: Cat und bat <3

- Beer: tastes like crap but led to an interesting night...
- Birthday: October 12
- Best Friends: is a very long list!! The Sins (inside joke), Erika, Mikayla, Z, Ebony, Gigi, the voices (we're on pretty good terms), it goes on...
- Body Part on opposite sex: Guy: Abs. Girl: Belly or lower back. :P
- Best feeling in the world: Adrenaline high with beloved people. (take that however you please)
- Blind or Deaf: neither.. outside some of my stories... =] OH! OH! OH! MUTE! :3
- Best weather: THUNDER STORMS!!!
- Been in Love: I thought so... the bastard broke my heart. But now I look back... not so much.
- Been on stage: In drama class. God, I miss those days... I need to get my ass back on stage!!
- Believe in Magic: I practice.
- Believe in Santa: in a way... >.>

- Candy: Chewy Gobstoppers!! NEIN! SKITTLES!!!!!
- Colour: black, purple, green, silver
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Mainly chocolate.
- Chinese/Mexican: mexican. MUCHAS GRACIAS!! <- My Mexican Jumping Bean, Mario, doesn't agree... T-T
- Cake or pie: CAKE.
- Country to visit: Japan, Estonia, France, Egypt, und Deuschland!
- Cheese: Chedder! Oder Mozerella!
- Car you would never want to have: hummer, hands down, any kind of hummer

- Day or Night: Night!! -starts singing In die Nacht by Tokio Hotel-
- Dance in the rain: hellz yes! And got filmed doing it to. Still don't know who the kid was though...

- Eyes: vary between hazel and dark brown, sometimes...
- Everyone's got: an imagination and a soul, it just depends what they did with them <---psyche <3
- Ever failed a class?: um.. yeah... not lookin forward to summer school... o3o

- Full name: Kat*** Willow **** :D (take that predator stalkers!!! XP) XD
- First thoughts waking up: Today: "Behind the cathedral... Notre Dame? -woke up to 306 by Emilie Autumn-
- Food: Chicken noodle soup! <3 Es ist saving meine ass right now...!
- Favorite cereal: Rice Chex -rarely eats breakfast- let alone cereal...

- Greatest Fear: Let's see... becoming an Opheliac, truly losing my mind some other way, or that weird spacial thing that only happens when I close my eyes???
- Goals: publish a book, enjoy a career, travel the world
- Gum: -gags violently- no thank you. :)
- Get along with your parents?: most of the time. Though not so sure...
- Good luck charm: My necklace and anklet that never come off. (I lost the pendent to my other one. *sobs*)

- Hair Color: Light brown with faded purple. =] And about two to three inches of dark brown root. Come back in the summer. It WILL be different!
- Height: Eh, average
- Happy: what's happy? Happy pills? Fuck those!
- Holiday: Halloween!!! Samhain!!!
- How do you want to die: I plan to live a little longer...

- Ice Cream: Cake batter ice cream from Cold Stone with gummy bears! :3
- Instrument: piano and clarinet <-proud band geek

- Jewelry: (see good luck charm) and whatever looks fun.
- Job: annoying parents and teachers.
- Jaywalk: Only on streets four lanes and under. XD

- Kids: Preferably my own twins. I'm a twin dork, what can I say?
- Kickboxing or karate: Karate. (But I can't do either and STILL kicked his ass! XD)
- Keep a journal?: Tried. Failed. Many times.

- Longest Car Ride: To NM (a good fourish days) then right out to Missouri! (Sadistic grandparents. I WAS A FREAKIN BABY!!!)
- Love: Friends. Otherwise until someone finds me and cares then screw it.
- Letter: KWR :D
- Laughed so hard you cried: Sixth grade. 2nd period. Me and Erika still can't figure out what I said that was so frickin funny... XD

- Milk flavor: -gags- never. Milk is nasty. When I was little I was allergic.
- Movies: Moulin Rouge and Taboo <333 Also Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland and Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp versions)
- Motion: ???
- McD's or BK: BK when craving hits. Otherwise almost all fastfoods make me sick.

- Number of Siblings: 1/2 I think...
- Number of Piercings: 2. Basic. Maybe three later...
- Number: 2, 6, 7, 13, anything ending with 6 or 4. OH! Ich liebe 82! :3 (I have no idea why)

- One wish: personal stability

- Perfect Pizza: pepperoni or cheese with frozen sour candies on it! XD
- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi. WILD CHERRY!

- Quote: I used to be tired of being trapped in this illusion you call reality. Now I find it fun to play with. >:) not mine? "Is it comedy or tragedy?" 'Love and Death' by Tokio Hotel
- Quit: Depends...

- Reason to cry: :|
- Reality T.V.: is bogus
- Radio Station: radio? no thanks
- Roll your tongue: easy
- Ring size: 8 I think...
- Readin', 'Ritin', 'r 'Rithmatic: Reading and writing. UGH! TOTALLY GOING ODC ON THOSE STUPID R'S!!!

- Song: I have so many. Listening to Automatisch by Tokio Hotel! Though Phantomrider and Hilf mir Fliegen. Song change! It's Alright, It's OK by Ashley Tisdale. Slight change there. Similar theme tho.
- Shoe size: 10ish
- Salad Dressing: Salad is disgusting
- Sushi: haven't tried it.
- Skipped school: Nope
- Slept outside: Yep, couldn't sleep, watched the stars move across the sky. Frickin awesome dude!
- Smoked: HA! No.
- Skinny dipped: ummm don't think so...
- Shower daily: too often, every other is better for me.
- Sing well: HAHAHAHA! Very funny! I wish...
- In the shower: I enjoy water.
- Swear: A little too much... gave up on watching my mouth... :|
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries.
- Steak: No way

- Time for bed: Whenever I'm tired...
- Ticklish: <.< >.> <.< SHHHH!!!
- Thunderstorms: are amazingly comforting and inspiring

- Unpredictable: Eh, I don't think so. Others beg to differ. Guess they can't follow my train of thought.
- Umbrella or jacket: Neither. Free shower!

- Vacation spot: Paris, France <3 or Germany!
- V-8: is only drikable when it's Fusion
- Vote: Gimme the choice and then I'll choose.

- Weakness: *shrugs* I dunno. My heart. My choices.
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I have no idea. Too random
- Who makes you laugh the most: Eh. I dunno really. Myself probably.
- Worst feeling: a quote of mine fits this. "Having a broken heart isn't so bad until you try to breathe and the broken shards stab you from the inside."
- Wanted to be a model: Only after watching ANTM. Then got dragged into "Friend Detox".
- Where do we go when we die: Our body or soul?
- Worst Weather: Snow that freezes over. Like here... -_-

- X-Rays: only on my teeth
- 'Xes: Yeah...

- Year it is now: 2010. Holy muder o' god! TWO MORE YEARS TILL THE END OF THE WORLD!!! And I graduate high school. Oh... maybe that's why...
- Yellow: is the color of my drink!


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